Company Profile:

    Matt Kasap, Inc. is an international firm performing high quality search work relating to intellectual property. We have been serving our clients since January 1982. We perform searches in technologies from basic concepts to very complex, highly technical fields. The firm has multiple technical divisions representing all major technology disciplines.

Each division is staffed with engineers having at least 15 years of patent searching experience. In most cases, most searchers have an average of 8 years of patent examination experience.

We perform all types of patent searches including:

Novelty; Patentability; Infringement; Invalidity; State of the Art; Technology Survey and Acquisition and other due diligence matters. A major portion of our practice involves projects dealing with due diligence matters such as infringement, validity, and acquisition/technology transfer matters.

We perform patent searches across all technologies, including: Mechanical; Electrical/Electronic, particularly computer architecture, hardware/software, telecommunication, semiconductors, optics, e-commerce/business methods; Medical Technology; Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Chem-Mech areas.

We are experienced in reading claims for infringement and validity. We routinely perform Non-Patent Literature searches WW in databases and in local libraries such as the Library of Congress; University libraries, NIH, National Library of Medicine, etc.

We also perform internet and WW database searches when deemed applicable.