Staff Associates with Matt Kasap, Inc.

    Matt Kasap:  Matt Kasap is the founder and President of the company, he is a Registered Patent Agent, Registration No. 30,072. He started the firm in January of 1982. Prior to starting the practice, he spent four years with a patent law firm, with two years mostly engaged in prosecution work. Matt Kasap has extensive searching experience in a wide variety of fields, he primarily specializes in semi-conductor technology and its peripheral technologies, e.g., printed circuits, connectors, packaging, etc.
    Brandie Andrews, Office Manager/Paralegal Services:  Mrs. Andrews has been working in the patent field since 2000. She manages the office and interfaces directly with clients on behalf of all the staff members. She also interfaces with the US Patent Office for various paralegal services.
    J. Augustus, Electrical Searcher: Three years of patent examination experience prior to joining the Firm in 1994. Specialized fields include: telecommunications; computer systems; memory devices; internet/e-commerce/method of doing business; image processing and signal processing.
    K. Whitcomb, Electrical Searcher: Mr. Whitcomb has been working with Matt Kasap, Inc. since 1998, and has overall searching experience for over 18 years, including 1 year examining experience. Specialized fields include: computer archtitecture, software, networking, e-commerce, and electrical circuits.
    E. King, Chemical Searcher: Eight years of patent examination experience prior to joining Kasap in 1986. Specialized fields include: organic and inorganic chemistry; pharmaceutical compositions; chemical processes; formulations; structures; food products; and processing.
    A. Yarbrough, Chemical and Biotechnology Searcher:  Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and a Masters Degree in Organic Chemistry/Biochemistry. Patent Agent with 21 years of examination experience. 12 years of searching experience, 8 of which were spent in the biotechnology group 1800, also several years of experience at NIH. She has been with Kasap since 1996.
    J. Durkin, Chemical Engineer: Patent agent with 6 years of patent examination experience prior to joining the Firm in 1992. Specialized fields include: paper making; molding; casting; chemical engineering projects; light chemistry; and medical devices, applications; chem.-mech projects; and chemical assay devices.
    S. Katz, Mechanical Searcher: Patent agent with 7 years examination experience. He has been with Kasap since 1989. Specialized fields include: metal working; electrical connectors; PC cards; can making machinery; ink jet and laser printer architecture; and overall mechanical fields.
    D. Burd, Mechanical Searcher: Aerospace Engineer, 3 year of experience in U.S. patent office, 1 of which was in the medical field. He has been with the Firm since 1996. Specialized fields include: aerospace; automotive engineering; conveyors; printer technology; medical technology and general mechanical fields.
    K. Taggs, Mechanical Searcher: Over 29 years of searching experience. He has been with the Firm since 2000. He Specialized fields include refrigeration, heat exchange, paper making, pumps, fluid handling, valves and valve actuation, automotive, conveyors and general mechanical fields.
    L. Knights, Mechanical Searcher: 1 year patent examination experience, in the medical technology prior to joining the firm in 1995. Specialized fields include: medical/surgical devices/applications and general mechanical fields.
    G. Suranyi, Mechanical Searcher: He joined the Firm in 2001. Specialized fields include: aeronautic and general mechanical fields.
    P. Fuller, Chem-Mech Searcher: 1 year field experience in combustion engineering, has been with the firm since 1990. Specialized fields include: Combustion technology, semiconductor processing, materials, material processing, and other chem.-mech projects.

      We also utilize the services of specialized technology experts and retired patent examiners when deemed appropriate.